Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to code a HomeBridge plugin

Notes from  meetup run by Or Polaczek. Unfortunately we weren't able to get the environment up and running. I guess since this is geared at Apple's ecosystem I would be easier on a macbook. However I might try again later.

HomeBridge is an open project to allow coders to add HomeKit support to their smarthome IOT accessories so they can be managed remotely via Apple's  devices.

There is some terminology which was covered by Or such as Gateway, Accessories etc.


turn on/off etc via iphone, siri and apple tv apple watch

Install via:

$ npm install -g homebridge

but requires more stuff under ubuntu (npm-gyp, etc)

homebridge is the gateway

config is via a JSON base config file

In it set all the accessories e.g. each light bulb, rumba980,
typically you need type and name.
accessory and name are used by home bridge
the rest are used by the plugin

the patform is a smarthome


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