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downloading folders from google drive.

I wanted to download some course material on RL shared by the author via Google drive using the command line.  I got a bunch of stuff using wget a folder in google drive was a challenge. I looked it up in SO which gave me a hint but no solution. I installed gdown using pip and then used: gdown --folder --continue if there are more than 50 files you need to use --remaining-ok and only get the first 50. In such a case its best to download using the folder using the UI and decompress locally. Decompressing from the command line created errors related to unicode but using the mac UI I decompressed without a glitch.

A Tale of Two Hackathons

Hackathon TLV 2013 (Photo credit: Wikimedia Israel ) It was the best of times ... when due to a generous grant from WM.NL I was able to participate in the 2013 Mediawiki hackathon in Amsterdam . Hackathons are amazing. Regular hackathons in TLV are highly competitive but open source hackathons are incredible. There are unbelievable  levels of energy in these events and opportunities to reach out to very large numbers of participants. When Hackathons include teaching sessions they reduce the learning curves associated with learning new technology - an ever increasing hurdle to participation in FLOSS projects. If the hackathon sessions are taped they can be easily edited and become a powerful method for transferring institutional knowledge locked in the minds of experienced contractors. Once these videos are released they can be combined with tutorials and used for self-instruction by new hackers. Hackathon TLV 2013 (Photo credit: Wikimedia Israel ) As the 2103 h

Wikisym & Wikimania I 2013

education (image credit: Sean MacEntee ) Thanks to a generous grant by MW.IL and WMF I was able to attend the 2013 Wikisym/Open Sim 2013 which took place at the Cyberport in Hong Kong.  I will not be going into details about all the conference session as I and others will be covering it in detail in Wikimedia's research newsletter syndicated in English  Wikipedia 's signpost as well as on meta.  Goals I came to wikisym 2013 to demo some new technology aimed at supporting educators and their students during formative assessments . Specifically I have developed a number of metrics to assess student activity on wiki.  Cyberport-cinema (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) I had written a draft of a paper covering the subject, but since I am more of a developer  than an educator, I was somewhat at a loss to complete the paper before wikisym. My plan was in essence to: Reach out and locate other researchers and professors involved in this domain.  Get feedb

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downloading folders from google drive.

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