downloading folders from google drive.

I wanted to download some course material on RL shared by the author via Google drive using the command line.  I got a bunch of stuff using wget a folder in google drive was a challenge. I looked it up in SO which gave me a hint but no solution. I installed gdown using pip and then used: gdown --folder --continue if there are more than 50 files you need to use --remaining-ok and only get the first 50. In such a case its best to download using the folder using the UI and decompress locally. Decompressing from the command line created errors related to unicode but using the mac UI I decompressed without a glitch.

Data-Science Glossary - A

A/B testing
is a popular methodology for optimizing landing pages that by trading convenience with real world significance often leads to perdition. Google Analytics has quietly transitioned it A/B testing to better designed Multi-Armed Bandit based tests.
is a portmanteau term for "advertising on mobile" and is a mobile advertising platforms owned by Google providing more features than Adwords for mobile apps. It can be used to directly monetize an app by hosting ads from other businesses. It can also be used to promote an app in other apps.
or a google analytics custom alerts are notification triggered by a change in your web site's data. Alerts are useful to track irregularities in reporting one would otherwise overlook, however as they do not take advertising or historical values they are of limited use. 
Android SDK
is the software development kit, comprising of APIs, libraries and tools required to build apps for the Android operating system.
An Angel Fish by Albert Kok
Android Studio
is an integrated development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA and superseding the previous Eclipse-based environment. However android application can also be built from the command line or using a continuous integration package.
is a software package offering a replacement for urchin.
is a portmanteau term for "analysis of variations".
is a collection of statistical models used to analyze the differences between group means and their associated. ANOVA generalizes the t-test for more than two groups.
Apps marketplace
is an online shop proffering paid and freemium mobile apps for downloading. App marketplaces also collect vital marketing statistics on app downloads by users, where they come, as well as aggregating app ratings all of which are necessary to optimize app marketing efforts.
is an acronym for an autoregressive moving average model.
is a statistical model used to modeling time series data of processes with short term memory. An alternative to ARMA is to model use Markov chains .
is an acronym for an autoregressive integrated moving average model.
is a statistical model used in modeling time series data of processes with long term memory.
An audience
is how users and their segments are referred to in Google Analytics.
Audience lists
are collections of identifiers used by Analytics to track groups of users when they visit an  app or website. Once setup audience lists are used to create targeted remarketing campaigns. 


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