downloading folders from google drive.

I wanted to download some course material on RL shared by the author via Google drive using the command line.  I got a bunch of stuff using wget a folder in google drive was a challenge. I looked it up in SO which gave me a hint but no solution. I installed gdown using pip and then used: gdown --folder --continue if there are more than 50 files you need to use --remaining-ok and only get the first 50. In such a case its best to download using the folder using the UI and decompress locally. Decompressing from the command line created errors related to unicode but using the mac UI I decompressed without a glitch.

Data-Science Glossary - C

English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate...
Browser cookies are being
supplanted by server side
ones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cache busting
a technique in analytics required to override the browser's caching mechanism
is a clustering algorithm which employs graph partitioning on the K nearest neighbor graph constructed on the Data.
Channel Grouping
is an esoteric name in Google Analytics simply referring to how traffic sources in the Acquisition reports should be grouped together. In these reports the channel groupings are used to groups marketing activities together.
was originally a metric single instance of a user following a hyperlink to another page. But with the proliferation of dynamic page events and the vagaries of mobile user interfaces, the significance of clicks as a meaningful metric has been eroded. Use of event tracking is supplanting click tracking.
the sequence of a user's interaction on the web or in an application.
Cohort analysis
a technique for understanding groups of users segmented by time.
in the context of Google analytics platform it is the component that manages which data is collected for a site, mobile app or a digitally
connected device.
in the context of Google analytics platform, it is the component that manages how your data is processed.
Content Grouping
is another esoteric name in Google Analytics more simply referring to how content in the Behavior reports is clustered.
is the name for a goal completion.
One of a number of mechanisms to keep track of session information. Cookies allow sites to store data locally on the user's file system and contain information including preferences or shopping cart contents.
Cost data
refers to media and product cost data that can be imported into universal analytics.
A Clustering algorithm which exploring well- scattered representative points
The information imported from PPC and other products into an Analytics account.
The customer journey
refers to a wholesome view of the customer online across domain and device boundaries with major milestones conceived as micro and macro conversions as well as fiction points called moments of truth.
Customer lifetime value
is the overall value that is expected to be derived from a customer by a service provider.
Custom Segments
are probably one of two main ways you can fit a turnkey analytics package to the needs of a particular business
is a metric referring to the process of customers take jump ship to buy services or products from another firm in the marketplace. Churn has significant and quantifiable costs to both the losing firm and to the acquiring firm.


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